Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More practicing...

This is driving me batty.

I will conquer this camera!

Oh yeah, guess who can dress himself now? A shirt, pajama bottom shorts, socks, and Spiderman crocs.


Lorie said...

He did a great job!!

Sweet Nothings said...

Your pictures are great! Your son is so cute! I love how he dressed himself!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I enjoy reading yours and look forward to more!

In Him,

Blessed with Blue said...

Those are great! What setting are you using when you shoot? If you're using the sports setting, that could be part of it. That's made for a lot of motion and it doesn't always make for the best pictures. You may want to play with the white balance too :)

Bethany said...

LOL I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I'm laughing at your comment about conquering the camera. I've been blogging lately on my "photog blog" about photography and learning about it, etc. Fun stuff, eh? LOL. What kind of camera are you using?